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The Big Takeover Issue #94
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Kallai - Pallisades (self-released)

11 May 2024

If the previous single, “Always/Never”, wandered along some shoegaze-infused sonic pathways, the new one, “Pallisades”, opts for a more understated, spacious and considered post-punk direction. The two directions of travel are let’s face it, similar directions of travel across the musical landscape, but where the former was peppered with more sonic uplands and cavernous walls of sound, the latter runs more on a less obvious bass groove and backbeat.

And whilst you wouldn’t call the track understated, it is undoubtedly dialled back from what they can do when they want to put on a sonic display.

“Pallisades,” then, is more of a song of subtlety, suppleness, and smoother sheens, whereas before, they let their sharp edges and more excessive musical urges show. The result is still reverb-soaked and drenched in effected guitars, a marshalling of squalling sounds and distant thunder gathering on the horizon, but here, it is presented in such a way that the dynamic spectrum is less…well, dynamic…but wonderfully so.

If “Always/Never” revelled in abrasiveness and attrition, “Pallisades” feels more like a drug-induced dream state, all soft and sedated, hallucinogenic and hazy. Here, the listener is on the inside looking out, cocooned in the swathes of sound, protected and seduced by them, rather than experiencing them from the outside looking in. Seduction rather than confrontation.

Another excellent song, another musical string to their sonic bow. Brilliant.