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The Big Takeover Issue #94
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La Need Machine - I Wish I Could Fly (Lead Backed Vinyl Music)

14 December 2023

All the best bands are hard to categorize; after all, if it were a simple process to put a band in this box or that genre, then it must be because you have heard it all before. It stands to reason. Which is why I love La Need Machine. It’s not just that their music shifts around from one track to the next; just listen to their last album, Killer Instinct for an example of their eclectic nature, but even within one song, such as here on “I Wish I Could Fly,” they seem to blend all manner of, often contradictory, sounds and styles and do so seamlessly.

It’s a case of the building blocks from which they make their music being recognizable, but the sonic architecture that they build with them being wonderfully new and exciting, the perfect balance of the fresh and the familiar.

This a song that grows out of a delicate indie-pop place, an array of acoustic guitars, distant violin spirals, and brilliant boy/girl harmonies. It then adds layers of texture, tone, sonic weight, and musical color as it travels. The beats pick up, guitars get plugged in and powered up, the groove picks up and by the end of the journey, we find ourselves in lush and cinematic, dreamscape folk-rock.

If the “Seattle Sound” evokes images of outsider rock music made mainly by men in big shorts and plaid shirts, then perhaps La Need Machine is just the band to usher in a “New Seattle Sound.” And why not… why not indeed?