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The Big Takeover Issue #94
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Laetitia Sadier – Rooting for Love (Drag City)

23 February 2024

As singer for the French-British electro band Stereolab, and in her more-organic solo work, Laetitia Sadier embodies an entrancing serenity, regardless of subject matter. Having previously considered everything from the virtues of socialism to a loved one’s suicide, she remains her restless, probing self on the lovely Rooting for Love. But Sadier’s music is never simple, however inviting. Shaped by swirling, otherworldly voices, the elegant melodies twist and turn, avoiding easy resolution, and languid tempos abruptly turn manic, then back again. Meanwhile, the French and English lyrics range from oblique philosophizing to raw outbursts. On the dreamlike closing track “Cloud 6” Sadier delivers a scalding rebuke to a fainthearted acquaintance, murmuring, “The universe puts her hand on your shoulder / Whispers in your ear / This armour is keeping you from the gifts I’ve given you / I’m not fucking around / You’re half way dead.” Timid souls, listen up.