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The New Nostalgia - A Fridge in Berlin (self-released)

23 February 2024

As soon as you get past the initial onslaught of punchy-indie punk walls of noise, a sound that might suggest that this might be just another bunch of shouty art punks trying to be big and clever and that if they make enough noise, no one will realise that they have nothing new to say, you find yourself in the midst of a pretty brilliant song.

As the sonic smog clears and the volume and velocity give way to something else, that something else turns out to be a deft and dexterous blend of (perhaps not so) tongue-in-cheek, poetic observations on the grime reality of life. The New Nostalgia is a collection of UK musicians who had a sonic vision on the streets of Amsterdam as they tried to make sense of their lives, ranting at the downward spiral that is the everyday existence for many in post-Brexit Britain as they ply their trade in the basement venues and music bars of Europe? Precisely the cool, confusing and contradictory sonic juxtaposition that I love.

“A Fridge in Berlin” is a sucker punch of a song, not just musically, although there is a power and potency to their sonic salvo that is capable of knocking you off your feet, but also in the way that each line is both something that you can laugh at and also recognise, is comically poetic yet relatable. That’s how much your life sucks! But at least you have found the perfect musical champions to help you through it.

If the idea of music made by a bunch of panels beaters working overtime in the seventh circle of hell combined with the sort of lyrics that would have ensued if Banksy used the written word to make his social statements rather than the spray can, then this is definitely for you.