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Leanne Gallati - Party For One (self-released)

5 July 2024

Evoking the likes of Amy Winehouse, who in turn looked to Mary J. Blige and Billy Holliday for inspiration, Leanne Gallati is following some fine musical traditions. “Party For One” is her latest single, and it is a cool and consummate slice of soul, one that echoes the sound of the greats that have gone before her while being perfect for the tastes of the modern music consumer.

This is music with a high groove factor. Soulful guitar licks run over funky basslines and backbeats, and buoyant brass breezes around. And then you get to Leanne’s voice, the perfect blend of old-school sultriness and modern pop punch, delivering lyrics that haven’t encapsulated the break-up this well since Nancy Sinatra booted up and walked away from her own no-good ex. But is she down? Not completely. The song has a sense of relief, a sense that she knew this was for the best, in the long run, at least.

“Party For One” sounds like one chapter of life coming to an end and another beginning. The lyrics might cover a difficult subject, but the vibe is always upbeat and vibrant. If the lyrics, to some degree, look back at the past, the music tells a different tale. It reminds us that life goes on.