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The Big Takeover Issue #94
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Love Ghost x Monde - Scream (Love Ghost LLC)

11 June 2024

Taken from the EP of the same name, “Scream” sees the ever-collaboratory Love Ghost hook up with Mexican hard rocker Monde, and this first taste of that release is everything that you would expect from such a coming together of such two sonic forces.

Although they came up with a hard rock/grunge sound, Love Ghost has always expertly found other outlets for their music, pushing it across musical demarcations near and far, through the boundaries that separate one rock sub-genre from another, and exploring much more distant sonic pastures in the form of rap and even neo-soul fusions.

And “Scream” seems to be a song that appears to be a sonic summary of much of their music-making to date. It comes on like a kick-ass, nu-metal groover, but almost immediately, it pulls the rug of expectation away from the listener, and we find ourselves tumbling through skittering trap beats and rap-rock vocals. But the song swerves again before long and plummets straight into anthemic metal. And so on hopping genre, changing pace, playing with dynamic throughout the song.

It’s a sonic rollercoaster ride, that’s for sure, but that is what Love Ghost does so well. Rock is a genre that often seems set in its ways, one that seems very slow to move with the times. This is precisely why we need bands like Love Ghost, bands that are not only able to wander an interesting and eclectic path in their own right but that are also creating a bright new future for not only rock and roll but also music itself.

Love Ghost