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Lunar Division - Young Lady (BMPR)

28 February 2024

This stompy, staccato, swaggering slice of righteously ragged alt-rock from Lunar Division reminds us that rock and roll, for that is essentially what this is, is built on only a few simple yet crucial concepts. Solid back beats, accessible grooves, energised riffs and an honesty often not found in other genres, such as those who follow a more style over substance ethic. (And you know who you are.)

And all of those important building blocks are found in the sonic weave of “Young Lady.” In fact, that is almost all that makes up its sonic weave, brevity is the name of the game here. The beats power things onward, the bass lines are both propulsive and melodic, following the guitar salvos through the various peaks and troughs that define the song, and the vocals are sparse, worldly and lived in.

There is a spaciousness created by gaps between the riffs that allow the song to breathe, a rawness that comes not from lack of poise and production but from knowing that rock and roll has always been about rough diamonds rather than polished gems and there is an energy that wells up from the bass and drums that creates waves just high enough for the song to surf groovishly and gleefully over.

Taken together, this is not just the stuff of alt-rock perfection but the cornerstones of rock and roll in all its myriad forms.

As the first single from their forthcoming album, Monuments, their third to date, it does everything that a lead single should do. It teases the audience and tests the water; it intrigues and builds anticipation. It makes you anxious to hear what other sonic delights this new long player holds. Job done.


Lunar Division · Young Lady