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The Big Takeover Issue #94
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Marky Wildtype - If Destroyed Still True (self-released)

7 July 2024

As you might expect, during my writing day, I will encounter all manner of artists. Some are cool, some ambitious, some trying to break new ground, others looking to the past, some trying to be popular, and others mysterious and enigmatic. Sadly, only a small fraction will be interesting. Interesting is where it is at, for me at least. Interesting is boundary-pushing, exploratory, and genuinely creative. Interesting has something to say, both lyrically and musically. So, when I say that I find Marky Wildtype to be interesting, that is the highest accolade I can give.

Because interesting suggests that this is an artist actually doing something more than making music, at least more than making music that we have heard before. Of course, the musical elements that he uses might be familiar, but it is the finished sonic architecture that we are concerned with, and here, on If Destroyed Still True, that is beguiling, to say the least.

From the fuzzed-out basslines, eerie electronica, and stark honesty of the opener, “Tell Me Again,” to the scintillating and spacious folktronic-pop of “Ship of Theseus,” this album covers a lot of ground. But it does err on the side of the understated, and in doing so, it has the time and space to build some truly beautiful songs.

“Days, Months and Years” is full of atmosphere and ambient drifts slowly coiling around busy drums, gorgeous sonic textures and vocal treatments. “DRAMA!” is, ironically given the name, balladic and calm, yet about as timely and relevant to modern society and the people who populate it as you can get. And “Endless Sea” gently sweeps with grace and grandeur.

Who needs bravado when they can have beauty? Who needs groove when they can have grace? Who needs drive when they can have delicacy? Who needs more of the same when they can have an interesting and intriguing glimpse of what comes next? Not I!