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Marky Wildtype - Place of Peace (self-released)

7 May 2024

When I first stumbled across previous single, “Tell Me Again,” it was clear that I had found an artist who did things differently. Yes, you could describe Marky Wildtype as a largely acoustic-based singer-songwriter, if you must, but if that then conjured images of the usual wide-brim-hatted troubadour with a battered guitar and a bag of indie-pop songs about love in A minor, which covers about 73% of the current crop, then you would have to think again.

Marky Wildtype is a very different type of music maker, and “Place of Peace” is a unique and engaging song. Across its nearly six minutes, it rises from a simple piano chord rhythm and solo voice, growing through brilliant choral interludes and expanding harmonies and beyond and above. Skittering, percussive beats become full drum kit sounds, staccato piano chords grow into shimmering cascades, single guitar lines evolve into cavernous riffs, and vocals move from a singular voice in the sonic wilderness to broader, more majestic choirs and finally to anthemic crescendoes.

And lyrically, there are some lovely sentiments running through the song. It discusses timeless thoughts of second chances, the power of hindsight and reflects on doing things differently, if you had the opportunity. There is something purposeful, poignant and even flecked with pathos about this reflective lyricism.

From solo player to neo-classical orchestra in the time it takes to hard boil an egg! That’s some feat of skill. (The music, not the egg boiling.)


marky wildtype · Place Of Peace