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Monroe Moon - Smoked A Cigarette Instead (Bohemia Music)

14 December 2023

Sensuous and slinky, dark and delicious, outré and…well, frankly awesome! As far as I’m concerned, that is all you need to know; you need to go and buy the record now! But you have come here expecting a music review, so for those I still need to convince, here’s a closer look. Right, let’s start again.

I love music that falls between the cracks of genres and fads and fashions. Music with that certain quality that allows it to sit outside passing trends and flies in the face of prevailing zeitgeists. There is a name for such music. Timeless. After all, if it never seemed to be a sonic reflection of the time in whichn it was made, it follows that it can’t be chronologically pinned down. Hence timeless.

“I Smoked a Cigarette Instead,” the new one from Monroe Moon is precisely that: an understated and spacious, beat-driven, snake-hipped, blues-infused, gothic-shaded groover of a song; in the same ballpark as the likes of Patti Smith and Siouxsie Sioux but less confrontational and incendiary than the former and more soulful and seductive than the latter.

There is something almost tribal about the song, something shamanic about how Monroe Moon seem to conjure up and exorcise the song, rather than write or create it, music exhumed from the ancient earth rather than something merely fashioned from guitars and drums.

Dark, sexy, glorious, beautiful! If this song were a person, I’d be asking for it’s phone number. More probably, I’d be asking for its hand in marriage.