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Moon and Aries - A Love Revival (Portalclub Records)

25 November 2023

There is an art to blending existing genres into new strains of music, and usually, it doesn’t go well…yes Rap-Metal, I’m looking at you! But when such a feat is entrusted to the likes of Moon and Aries you know that the results are going to be something a bit special. And the proof, if proof were even needed, can be found in their latest single, “A Love Revival.”

Blending slow, lilting trip-hop vibes with soothing neo-soulfulness, seductive pop with ambient synths, they have created a song that is simultaneously infectious and unhurried. Whereas many mainstream songs seem in a rush to get to the chorus, to show off their sonic tricks and musical know-how, Moon and Aries savour every note, every precious word as they ebb and flow between verse and chorus, gentle lift and subtle fall. Dynamics folks, it’s the difference between a throwaway pop tune and a soon-to-be classic earworm, a song that burrows into your mind, your consciousness, your very soul and remains part of your personal DNA from here on in. This song is full of them, albeit in supple and subtle forms.

I hesitate to reach for reference points; like all the best songs, this stands out on its own, a benchmark, perhaps, for others to reach for, but I will say that if you appreciate the beauty and brilliance of songs such as George Michael’s “Careless Whisper,” you are going to find a lot to love in “A Love Revival.” And as praise goes, it doesn’t get much higher than that.