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Natalie K - Dance with Me (self-released)

20 April 2024

If the purpose of “Dance With Me” was to capture the spirit and spark of young club life, then I’d say that it has more than fulfilled its goal. But the smart thing is that rather than throw out a lowest common denominator punchy pop piece, one that many in that world would deem fit for the job, Natalie K instead offers something more sophisticated, soulful and, dare I say it, seductive.

And so, whilst this, her eighth single, neatly captures the essence and adventure of long, endless nights amid neon lights and anthemic tunes, surrounded by friends old and new, of putting the working week behind you and throwing caution to the wind, it does so in a marvellously measured fashion.

Running on understated and spacious beats, floating electronic washes, sparse bass pulses, and digital delicacy, the poise and pace of the music put Natalie K’s vocals front and centre. And what a great voice she has, too, perfect for a song like this, a song that blends contemporary pop sass with neo-soul smarts and chilled dance comedowns with ambient soundscaping.

This may be a song about the thrill of the evenings activities, but it is also the perfect post-party wind-down tune too.