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Nick & June - Beach Baby, Baby (self-released)

9 May 2023

On their latest release, Nuremberg duo Nick & June seduce listeners into their own private world – one of beauty, mystery, romance, and intrigue. Beach Baby, Baby contains a half dozen quiet pop tunes (plus atmospheric intro) based on delicate, silvery melodies that trade as much in sardonicism and melancholy as wistful loveliness. Sung in a hushed, conversational tone by Nick Wolf, “Manic Pixie Dream Girl” lovingly deconstructs a tired cinematic trope, but does so without rancor. His charismatic partner Suzie-Lou Kraft takes the mic for the thoughtful “Lip-Sync to Love Songs,” which in this context qualifies as a rocker. The duo’s songwriting reaches its apogee with the clever, heartfelt “Hugh Grant and His Consequence,” the exact meaning of which may elude listeners, but will also send them to the repeat button to figure it out. The pair ends their mini-opus with a startlingly gorgeous take on David Bowie’s immortal “Starman,” which sounds like it was written just for them. Call it dream pop, or noir rock, or postmodern soft rock, or whatever you like: on Beach Baby, Baby, Nick & June have it down.