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Noise Arcade - Selective Memory (Huashan)

Noise Arcade Selective Memory Huashan
3 February 2015

Beijing, China’s Noise Arcade returns with another fascinating play on electronic music.

Selective Memory is a kaleidoscope of sound that builds on the ideas set forth on his side of 2014’s Peak of the Moon CS. Beginning with a few notes, the tracks quickly gain momentum as patterns gyroscopically collide with one another like Finland’s Pan Sonic on an Autobahn era Kraftwerk acid trip. Beats shouldn’t work, but they do, just like the morphing patterns should create a chaotic mess, but instead create blossoming soundstreams of hyper-sonic color. It’s the music of cyberpunk futurists, the soundtrack to dark basement clubs of data hounds jacked into the information flow and really getting off on the ride.

While not exactly meant for the dance floor, Noise Arcade’s music retains an element of danceability, showing just how forward-thinking his compositions are. Zone out on the neon and forget what time it is for awhile.