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The Big Takeover Issue #94
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Octavian Winters - Nebula/Velveteen (Mark Pistel Remix) (Stratis Capta Records)

7 May 2024

If you are looking for music which is truly anthemic, genuinely dark, menacing and gothic in the very best sense of the word, then Octavian Winters’ latest “Nebula” is the place to be. It also tick boxes for terms such as slow and seductive, shaded and neo-classical, haunted and otherworldly.

“Nebula” is less a song and more about a soundscape, feeling more filmic and cinematic than perhaps just a standard song, such is its scope and grandeur. But then again, such Stygian scenes and dark scenarios are what Octavian Winters does best. While most bands are happy to present you with just a song, they seem able to simultaneously create a world for it to exist in, a world far from this one.

The song is complemented and contrasted by “Velveteen” a pulsing, darkwave disco dirge, a gothic clubland floor-filler that is a perfect reminder that the realms of goth and dance were never that far apart, certainly not in those early, pioneering, post-punk days.

As a pairing, we are treated to the two ends of goth, post-punk, or alternative music—call it what you will—one a majestic slice of atmospherical grandeur writ large, the other an infectious electro-groover, proving once again that genres are never big enough to contain all the potential and possibilities of even one band, let alone a whole scene or a movement.

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