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The Big Takeover Issue #87
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P/DO P/DRO - Massage EP (Pas Vendable)

3 June 2012

There’s a way to pull off a sweatily awkward sense of the icky and inappropriate, and P/DO P/DRO are easily masters at elucidating the profane, from their live satanic invocations to their trashy and irreverent circuit-bending sound. Both sides of this four song 7” EP are relentless, thrashy industrial lo-fi electro, replete with handclaps and cheap vocoders. But these guys share more of a sensibility with punk energy than the stuffy coked out electro music. The five hirsute and mysterious weirdos who make these jams would be out of place at your local meat market club but beats like this would really bring out the grease at MY kind of parties. Hell yeah.