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Pale Heads - Headless LP (Poison City)

Pale Heads Headless Poison City
3 June 2015

Melbourne, Australia’s Pale Heads, comprised of members of Batpiss, The Nation Blue and former members of The Drones and Pairs, e.g., drummer Xiao Zhong aka Rhys, erupt with a noisy debut borne from Australian angst.

By maintaining a balance between distortion, melodicism and garage bravado, Headless fully delivers on the tradition of excellent Aussie punk rock. Songs like “I Can’t Lose You” and “Small Town Casualty” attack with Cosmic Psychos dementia, while the opening “Thomy Cut Off a Head” and “Milk Eyes” recall Three One G Records bands like The Festival of Dead Deer. “Pale Head” and the closing title track, however, nod to the emotional singalongs of Hot Water Music. It’s full of tension and teeth-clenching frustration, ready to spring at a moment’s notice with very little provocation.

By perfectly blending rage and passion, Pale Heads have placed themselves on the list of classic underground Oz bands. Let’s see where they go next…