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PolSky - Rainbow Road (Disruptive Element Music)

2 November 2023

PolSky proclaims itself to be an ambient, post-punk corporation, and every single word in that phrase resonates deeply with me. Ambient music serves as a serene respite from the cacophony of the world’s more boisterous urges, while post-punk—the music of my formative years—seems an unlikely bedfellow at first glance. Yet, meld the two together, stir in a touch of genius—learned under the patronage of none other than Cocteau TwinsRobin Guthrie — and you’ve got a fusion of opposites that not only attract but also harmonize, birthing something quite extraordinary. A sophisticated and refined concoction of alternative dance music emerges—a harmonious blend of yin and yang. And then there’s the term “corporation.” I must admit, I relish artists who eschew conventional band imagery or at least give the impression of doing so. Which, under the public gaze, amounts to the same thing.

“Rainbow Road” serves as my inaugural immersion into PolSky’s elegant musical tapestry, and it’s nothing short of remarkable. Seamlessly crafted from equal parts analog traditions and digital ingenuity, it marries ambient grace with the infectious pulsations of the dance floor, languid beats intertwined with an array of beautiful melodies. A musical testimony championing the virtues of escapism, advocating the road less traveled—or perhaps the one less demanding or perhaps just less congested. Anything for a quiet life? I hear you, brother. So, ambient post-punk? Absolutely, and why the heck not?

PolSky and its executive board (instead of mere musicians or players, naturally) also exemplify how music birthed in such accessible realms can possess a profound intellectual acumen. That is, for dance-infused music, it’s smarter than you might expect. Their lyrical narratives traverse a diverse spectrum, tackling subjects ranging from corporate zombies to geriatric love affairs, from the intricacies of brain function and mid-noughties video game addiction to the indomitable human obsession with shouting louder than everyone around you. In doing so, they sideline passing trends and ephemeral fashions, showcasing themselves as a band with something not just worthwhile to say but indeed timely in its delivery.