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Professor Sonic - Envoking Glitch (Professor Sonic/Bandcamp)

Professor Sonic Envoking Glitch Bandcamp
4 April 2013

Summoning the spirit GLITCH is serious business, as it takes patience, precision and perfection to perform such a feat. Professor Sonic possesses just those qualities as he envokes the spirit over three sprawling tracks.

“Part 1 – Evocation” could be the preparation for the incantation. Composed of pulsing low frequencies, it wafts through binaural space, properly positioning the listener for what is to come. “Intermission – Reality Hack,” provides the breakthrough, the plane where dimensions co-mingle and perseverance is the key to success as mid-range static morphs into wafting squelches which transform into waves of hypnosis. Finally, the spirit is summoned in “Part 2 – Invocation” as a fluid, gyroscopic mass, waves of energy twisting and contorting over a sphere of indecision. Frequencies collide, meld and separate, delivering the message of GLITCH in the spirit’s native tongue. After 23 minutes in our realm of existence, the spirit departs as quickly as it arrived, leaving only the indelible mark of electronic chatter echoing in our ears.

This is spiritual noise made with a specific purpose and intent, a magickal ceremony in and of itself. Few can probably handle it, but those who do will come out different, in some vague, esoteric way.