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The Big Takeover Issue #94
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Pull of Autumn - Opening/Closing (ft. Kraig Jordon) - RBM Records

8 May 2024

Following in the footsteps of “I Was Just Dreaming,” this second single from the full-length album to follow, Memory Tree, speaks volumes about Pull of Autumn’s worldview. In most people’s hands, this lilting, light, and lovely acoustic piece would probably remain just that—unadorned and straightforward. And why not? It is a great song, and less is always more.

Well, almost always, I guess it depends on exactly what sort of “more” you are bringing to the song and who is doing the bringing. Crafted by the songwriting duo of Kraig Jordan and Guy Benoit, “Opening/Closing” has its roots in an earlier time and captures the strange experience of people’s reemergence into the post-pandemic world.

Here, our Autumnal leader, Daniel Darrow has grafted additional layers of sonic textures alongside beguiling electronic tones and a drifting ambience that sit behind, beyond and between the cascading acoustic guitars. Additional voices rise and fall, and shimmering synth drones act as a continuous throughline – a scintillating, sonic singularity heading off into the space beyond the song.

It’s the art of adding much to a song while sounding like you have only lightly dusted it with fine sonic detail. As I said, less is more, and in Daniel Darrow’s hands, this much less is ever so much more.

I Was Just Dreaming
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