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Pulse Park - Briars (self-released)

22 February 2024

There is something intriguing at work at the heart of this new single from Pulse Park, sort of the sound of already iconic sonic forces, such as perhaps the velocity of the college rock sound of Gin Blossoms and the anthemics of classic Brit-pop, or at least late eighties British indie, coming together. This is odd, as the band hails from neither of the countries that either of those call home, but is in fact the product of a band from Germany. (Albiet with a slice of Canadian mythology woven in, though I’m not sure how much of that to take seriously.)

But maybe that just shows how much music can travel, both physically and culturally, across general and geography, that such musical strands are found in their music, strands that also say something about just how potent the music of the nineties was.

I feel I may have made too much of the fact that there are easy reference points to be found in the past musical canon; that’s perhaps just lazy journalism on my part, for in reality, “Briars” sounds nothing less than a short, sharp and shockingly brilliant slice of modern indie. It runs on a wave of squallling, almost shoegazing walls of guitars, cut through with incendiary solos. Its backbeats and bass lines combine to form an unstoppable momentum, and Magnusson’s vocals have all the hallmarks of a classic indie voice.

I guess all music echoes the influences and infusions of what has gone before, but it is where Pulse Park is going with songs like “Briars,” rather than where they come from, that is the more exciting prospect.