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The Big Takeover Issue #94
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Repeat - Rat Race (Torbjörn Hallberg)

18 June 2024

In a world where people are looking to create the next and forward-thinking musical form or fuse genres that have no business being that close to each other in an effort to push the boundaries of music, a world where studio technology and digital manipulation seem to be outpacing the purity of analogue instruments and the thrill of the live experience, it is always great to come across a band that knows what is important.

And in the case of Sweden’s Repeat what is essential to them is the creation of short, sharp and shockingly great slices of raw and abrasive, energized and infectious rock music, woven from stoner vibes and punk bravado, classic rock traditions and alt-rock cool.

Rat Race is an album full of such songs, an it delivers old-school incendiary anthems to a new audience. Kicking off with their recent single, “Man on The Moon,” they set out their sonic stall perfectly. It is an opening mission statement for an uncompromising album and a set of songs short enough that they average out at around 2 minutes yet big enough that, if you don’t pay proper attention, they could take your head clean off. (I’ve seen it happen!)

“Not Enough” is fist-in-the-air street punkery at its finest. “Enemy” embraces grunge intensity broken up with only a few cool and creative interludes. The title track sounds like a long-lost Motorhead track, which can only ever be a good thing, right? “Reasons” then shows that whilst they can rock out as furiously as the best of them, they have a good ear for melody too – a band who can make music that is both big AND clever. How refreshing is that?

Music made in the moment? Music with all the perfect imperfections of a treasured old vinyl record? Music that would sound the same live as it does here?Music that reminds us that no matter how clever the world gets, there will always be room for heads-down, no-nonsense, primal rock music. _Rat Race_is that and more!