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The Big Takeover Issue #94
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Satico Satellite - Innocence (Slumrise Records)

24 February 2024

If “Spiritualina,” the previous single from Satico Satellite, was a journey into ambient sonics and chilled pop beats, soulful seductions and all manner of other world music sounds, then the new one is a continuation of that ecstatic musical journey.

Songs such as “Innocence,” although there aren’t many songs like “Innocence”, such is its unique quality, make me think of the term “world music.” For many, it is a label that describes niche sounds from recognisable cultures and styles found in specific genres and geographies. But that is to have the concept the wrong way around, and the music that Satico Satellite makes is the perfect example of why.

World music combines sounds from across the world rather than from specific places; it is global and collaborative rather than generically compartmentalised. If you are one of those who think of the world music genre as being collections of music made only by the likes of Bulgarian folk players or Burundi drummers, Tibeaten throat singers, or Celtic harpists, then you are certainly perpetuating a stagnant musical stereotype. Think bigger. Think broader. Think globally, even universally. Think Satico Satellite.

Just listen to “Innocence.” It blends soulful, seductive moves with an understated pop energy; it shimmers with coiled, resonant rock guitar licks and a chilled dance energy. There is an echo of Latin sass in its rhythms and a European, almost New Romantic-infused 80s vibe in its musical bearing. It is music that looks beyond its own boundaries and also into the past to find the necessary sonic threads to weave the music of the future. A future where everyone is invited to the party.

And if that doesn’t sound like world music, music of the world, the whole world, then I don’t know what does.