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Satico Satellite - Spiritualina (Slumshine Records)

3 December 2023

If there is a mythical sweet spot between pop and rock, between the past and the present, between analog and digital, then Satico Satellite seems to have the route map showing how to find it. For “Spiritualina” is all of those things and more besides. But then, this is an artist that has learned his trade through blood, sweat, and tears as a guitarist on the Miami hardcore scene. As musical apprenticeships go, there aren’t many more challenging or more musically educational than that.

But Satico Satellite sits in a place a world away from that sound, a creative blend of post- and alternative-rock, trance, and electro-pop, a heady swirl of weight and wonder, muscle and melody, authenticity, audaciousness and infectiousness. This latest single is a perfect showcase for that unique sonic crossover world he created as a vehicle for himself.

Scintillating synths dance with rock guitars, backbeats, and bass lines wander between heavy onslaughts and dance grooves; the whole thing is euphoric and engaging. This is genuinely music caught between pop and a hard place.

The world is no longer the tribal place it was, and artists such as Satico Satellite are the proof. Not only has he slipped easily from the more abrasive world of hardcore guitars to seductive and accessible pop-rock, but he has also created his sound out of all manner of contrasting, perhaps even conflicting, yet ultimately cool and creative sounds. This is music forged out of genres that, at least, would have had no business hanging out together in the past. It shouldn’t work, but it does. Brilliantly.

But that was then, and this is now. Welcome to the post-genre world!


Satico Satellite · Spiritualina