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Seasonal Falls - Lie Down (self-released)

29 March 2024

There is something wonderfully relaxed about Seasonal Falls’ sonic world. Their songs seemingly advocate easier options, paths of least resistance, and gentler solutions. And their latest one, “Lie Down,” comes from just such a place.

Its message is simple: Don’t fret. When life gets too hard or confusing, your path blocked, barred, and broken, the best thing to do is to relax, take a break, and “Lie Down”. Do that and come back refreshed, re-energised, and with a new plan or at least the strength to give things another go, and you will undoubtably find the solution. It’s a sentiment that I feel particularly close to.

Musically, the song is understated and lilting, a seductive ebb and flow that seems to lull the listener into the state they are advocating. Rythmic guitars, simple yet structured bass lines, unfussy beats, and that now trademark warm and welcoming vocal combine to create a song that you can surely get lost in.

“Lie Down,” like all of the songs I have encountered by this musically bucolic duo, is the perfect anecdote to the bombast and bravado of modern pop songwriting. It is the delicate art of less is more. So, in a world of shouting, self-centred singers and try-too-hard, attention seeking musicians, be Seasonal Falls. It sounds like a much more relaxing life, if you ask me.


Seasonal Falls · Lie Down