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speakeazie - Jamie, You're No Good For Me (Independent)

14 March 2024

At a place where dream-pop haze meets alt-rock outsider vibes, where the digital drive and electronic pulse of the dance floor meets more analogue urges, and where world-weary vocal deliveries become the most impactful and relatable forms of communication, you find speakeazie and her new single, “Jamie, You’re No Good For Me”.

The title says it all, really. The song speaks of a toxic relationship but also has an optimistic essence found between the lines in that the narrator is at least aware that they need to move on and start afresh. I’m sure we can all relate to that—at least anyone who has been around the relationship block several times.

Because of this blend of emotive lyricism and brooding sonics, we are presented with a song built as much by mood as melody, a song that evokes thoughts and feelings from both the poeticism of its words and the hazy hauntology and poised pathos of its musical nature.

Although the more adventurous musical clientele have been experimenting with this blend of rock and electronica, grit and groove, for decades now, speakeazie’s take on things sounds nothing other than a song that sits at the cutting edge of that ongoing journey.