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Stonedog - About Time (Subterranean Wizard)

30 May 2024

As the title of this latest EP, About Time from Stonedog suggests, chronological concepts and horological themes run through the songs found here. But time is a big subject and the neat thing here, one of the many neat things, is the different view points that they take when considering its passage.

If the opener, “Time Machine,” is about reflecting on the actions of the past and hoping that if you got the chance to do it all again, you would do things differently and be a better, less selfish person, then “Hourglass” is about the realisation that time passes quickly and moments need to be savoured.

The recent single “Matter of Time” takes another look at time passing, one that muses on how cities that once housed pure ideas, great art, unique culture, and radical creativity can, and indeed do, over time, find themselves subdued and conforming due to the influx of corporate money and the control it brings.

Time is also a consideration in the music itself, as Stonedog blend contemporary, anthemic rock and accessible pop-aware influences with the sound of what has gone before, everything from spacey psychedelia to new wave creativity, classic rock grooves to old school indie sing-along-ability…if that is even a word. But you know what I mean.

Stonedog has offered us the best of many worlds, the past and the present, rock and a hard place, fun and lyrical depth. Such an astute combination should serve them very well indeed. But, as I’m sure they can appreciate, only time will tell.