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Sun Atoms - Ceiling Tiles (Little Cloud Records)

22 February 2024

The past is another country; they do things differently there. So the oft-quoted quote goes. One of the things they do…or should that be did, was release singles. Double-sided, two-track slices of vinyl, seven inches in diameter, black, shiny, iconic and delicious, and that is precisely what Sun Atoms are doing with their latest release, “Ceiling Tiles.”

But if the format is a blast from the past, the music is a taste of the future. It may draw together recognisable gothic grooves and hushed tones, brooding bass lines and guitars that ebb and flow between abrasive salvos and chiming beauty, but, as always, it is the resulting sonic architecture rather than the building blocks themselves that are the whole point. The resultant song is a beautiful vision of a future for alternative music with all the bombast and bravado, volume and velocity, pose and ego stripped away.

Its sonic travelling companion, the intriguingly suffixed “Tower of Song (in the key of JAMC)”, is a musical ode to the Leonard Cohen classic in the style of The Jesus and Mary Chain.

Original, understated beauty plus a twin celebration of The High Priest of Pathos and East Kilbride’s finest, all in two scintillating spiral scratches. Fan-bloomin’-tastic.

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