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The Big Takeover Issue #93
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Talk In Code - Something Of Nothing (Regent Street Records Ltd)

1 March 2024

Across numerous releases, Talk In Code has proven its ability to walk in various, often contradictory worlds. They blend a pop infectiousness with more indie-driven sonic weight. They tip their hat slightly to the shimmering poise and polish of ’80s, synth-infused pop whilst helping to drive its modern counterpart into a bright new future. They are both anthemic and accessible and blend melody with just enough muscle to rise well above mere chart pretensions, though songs such as “Something of Nothing” are precisely the shot in the arm that the charts could do with right now.

If there were such a genre as discerning dance music, (and if there isn’t, then there should be), then this is it. Whereas most pop and dance music made today seems to rely on gimmicks – guest rappers, dance routines, studio tricks and marketing ploys – Talk In Code knows that it is all about the music. And it is that older pop work ethic matched with their chiming indie vision of the future that positions them brilliantly in the modern musical landscape.

Hook-laden enough to catch the attention of the chart-minded pop-picker. Deftly crafted to the point that these intricate blends of chiming sonic shards will easily find favour with the cooler-than-thou indie movers and shakers. Just muscular, not to mention anthemic, enough to appeal to some of those on the fringes of the rock realms. And definitely destined to be a hit with the denizens of the dance floor. It is hard to think of anyone who isn’t going to find plenty to love in “Something Of Nothing’s” musical depths.

Hang on…sorry, no, I can’t think of anyone at all!


Talk In Code · Something Of Nothing