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The Big Takeover Issue #94
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TerraTara - Warrior of Love (Tara Shelley)

8 July 2024

If the term roots describes music that comes from the folk and oral traditions of the people of a region and world music is used to describe the sounds and styles found scattered across the cultures of the world, as opposed to music made for commercial gain, then TerraTara ticks plenty of boxes in both realms.

“Warrior of Love” is the perfect example of her ability to explore these areas and mix and match various sonics and cultural sounds. Built on a gently lilting mandolin and delicately picked guitar, the Latin rhythms and island vibes dance deftly beneath these melodies that truly flavour the song.

The song’s subject perhaps follows the oldest song traditions of all. The idea of waiting for a lover to return to you as a song theme has been with us since love, travel, and music were first invented. And that is a long time. But of course, even though she is following in some ancient footsteps, she puts her own spin on things and produces a spacious, Caribbean take on the idea, the song ebbing and flowing like the waters of the beach that she waits longingly on.

World music is often used as a tag for niche and traditional sounds, from Bulgarian folk troupes to Japanese flute music to afrobeat grooves. But world music in the hands of people like TerraTara is more authentic and more fulfilling. This is music made from sounds garnered from many genres and geographies, styles and cultures to make music truly of the world itself, in a more holistic sense.