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Tessa And Friends - The Loser Gets Set Free (Forrest Records)

10 July 2024

When is a solo project, not a solo project? When it is Tessa and Friends. Although Tessa Forrest does all of the writing, recording, and production in her home studio, the project name acknowledges all the support from friends and family that inspire, empower and enable her to keep making music. And it begs an interesting question: is any solo career, or even a band, ever anything other than a very broad, collaborative effort? Surely, every creative endeavour is more than the sum of its parts. Much more!

“The Loser Gets Set Free” is one of those songs forged from all the best bits of contemporary music, a slice of rock drive, a pinch on indie swagger and no small amount of pop infectiousness. An almost timeless blend of music, well, it is when it is done this well mainly because it works with tried and tested musical elements, ones that have permeated music since the creation of pop and rock itself. But of course, it is how you reassemble those ubiquitous sonic building blocks into something new, how you draw something fresh from the familiar, which is the art, and that is the natural charm here.

As an added bonus, the lyrics contain a few hidden pop culture references and small in-jokes for those who like to dive in and go deep. “The Loser Gets Set Free” might seem like a simple song on the surface, but a closer look reveals that it is anything but.