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The Dark Fruits - Warm Weather Starter Pack (Self-Released)

18 November 2023

The sophomore slump might be real, but it’s definitely not a problem for Canadian indie rockers The Dark Fruits who deliver their strongest and most compelling work yet on their new album Warm Weather Starter Pack. The songs are centered around themes of “isolation, connection, and relationships,” and the trio finds a unique method for discussing them by referencing their northern landscape in the Yukon. Equally inspired by acts such as Elvis Costello and The Flaming Lips, there’s also a strong vein of 60s pop like The Zombies or The Kinks.running through the lyrics of singer-songwriter Jeff Wolosewich.

You’d naturally expect the opener “California Beach” to be a feel-good Beach Boys summer anthem, but aside from the fake out harmonies at the very beginning, the song is far heavier and menacing replete with a fuzzed-out riff and pounding drums. There are more British invasion touches on songs with strong catchy hooks like “Marianna” and “Ten Lakes and a Pool,” the latter of which could have easily been found on Muswell Hillbillies. From the outset Warm Weather Starter Pack sounds like a real labor of love and an emotionally convincing display of passion from a group who clearly love making music together.