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The Flying Hasslehoffs - Life Is Beautiful (self-released)

26 March 2024

Right, let’s get one thing out of the way straight away. I love the name The Flying Hasselhoffs. It’s not my absolute favourite; after all, a gipsy indie-folk singer-songwriter called Badly Horse-Drawn Boy is going to take some beating, but this Florida duo is undoubtedly high up on the list of mirthsome monikers.

Although more used to working in a harder and heavier musical style, when their collaborative drummer of choice was on the road with the great and good of the metal scene, Timmy Johnston and Johnny Hyatt took to writing as a duo, and the results were very different from their usual sound. Thus, The Flying Hasslehoffs was born.

Taken from their debut album The Flying Hasselhoffs Music Brand, “Life Is Beautiful” shows that more muscular music may be their inclination but infectious indie-rock is their forte. They take the groove and cool of the indie scene and wrap it in the lush, wide-screen shimmer of more power-pop moves and the results are fantastic.

As they say, never judge a book by its cover, or indeed the next movers and shakers of the indie scene by their previous hard-rocking reputation. Or something like that, but less wordy and convoluted.