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The Harbours - So Sweet (OMT Studios)

8 July 2024

The indie genre has a great way of producing music with a cool swagger, deft riffs and all the necessary sonic smarts. Pop music is all about infectiousness, immediacy and accessibility. Put the two together, as The Harbours have here, and you get a near-perfect sound. At least you do if such merging and matching and mixing and melding is left in the right pair of hands. The Harbours is precisely the right pair of hands. Well, two pairs, actually.

So, not only do they tick all the aforementioned boxes with their latest single, “So Sweet,” but they combine it with some truly lovely lyrics—lyrics that are refined, brilliantly and willfully innocent, positive, and unburdened by the usual angst and arguments, smart-arse-ary and pretence of the music world—lyrics that are indeed, themselves, so sweet.

And then, the final trick, the one that seals the deal, is that having put this pretty much perfect pop music to such gloriously optimistic and love-lorn lyricism, they then soften the edges and deepen the mood by soaking it in sensual and scintillating saxophone. Throw in a blistering rock-infused guitar solo and a well-placed dynamic lull or two, and you have everything you need, all in just over three minutes.

Great pop music is back on the menu!