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The Big Takeover Issue #94
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The Pulltops - 3-2-1 Go! (self-released)

3 April 2024

I was going to say, what an unexpectedly funky intro, but then again, The Pulltops do revel in giving us the unexpected. And with only one previous encounter with them in the form of a their single, “Here We Are,” I’m not that well equipped to say if such a lead-in is unexpected or not.

What I will say is that it is the perfect way to set up this song; it sets up the pace and buoyancy, the tone and energy levels brilliantly, and that is all that matters, it’s a musical structure doing its job and doing it well.

But then again, any song called 3-2-1 Go! that didn’t head down such effervescent sonic highways would be missing a trick, but The Pulltops are no fools. So the song quickly reveals itself to be fun and fine-tuned, full of staccato bursts of energy and a wonderfully gratuitous groove built on bounce and energy.

It might lean more towards alt-pop or accessible indie, or even the smarter end of the dance genre but does so in a very sophisticated way. A brilliant blend of analogue traditions and digital dexterity, it buzzes as much with synth sounds as it does guitars and beats and basses. This balancing act makes for a satisfying mix, a reminder that synths and samples, musical manipulations and digital deskwork are just as viable a way of making music as thrashing guitars and hitting drums. Both have their place; only elitists and dinosaurs would argue otherwise, and when both are threaded together as deftly as they are here, the results are cutting edge and more than the sum of their parts, music that kicks arse and cuts the mustard, as they say on my side of the water.