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The Pulltops - Here We Are (self-released)

13 February 2024

Given that the two players that makeup The Pulltops admit to having very different musical tastes – drummer Mark Pierret has a taste for old soul and country sounds, guitarist Tom Crowell favors more underground and experimental sonics – “Here We Are” sounds precisely like the unexpected middle ground.

It is the sound of country music being drawn slightly towards alternative realms or the sound of underground music falling in love with some more mainstream traditions that it once deviated from. It swaggers with an alt-country/Americana sound, not that you can find two people who can agree with what either of those generic terms mean, but it also indulges in some heavier and more abrasive sonics when it gets the chance.

So, “Here We Are” is the rarest of things. It is a song that roots traditionalists will love, and which fans of more subversive music will also recognize as one of their own. It runs along on infectious rock grooves but, once it has grabbed the attention and lured in the more mainstream-appreciating set, the proceeds to smother itself in gnarly guitar work and raw-edged sonics. And by then, it is too late for them to back off. They’re hooked.

“Here We Are” is like a Trojan Horse, with The Pulltops smuggling much needed, alternative sounds into the mainstream realms, like a couple of crate-digging, record-collecting, eclectic music geeks bearing gifts! How cool is that?