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The Big Takeover Issue #94
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The Pulltops - Waiting Here (self-released)

12 June 2024

The great thing about this post-genre age that we find ourselves in, and with bands like The Pulltops, bands that are brave enough to embrace the newfound freedom that this new post-tribal landscape has afforded them, is that you never know what you are going to get from them. Without the weight of expectation and responsibility to drag them back to the tried and tested sounds of a certain genre or to ensure that they stay in their lane, they are free to create, unbounded by the traditions and traits of a particular sound or style. And that is great.

“Waiting Here” sounds like the descendant of all those great mid-eighties pop-rock anthems, the sort of songs that ended up in John Hughes movies. It’s a blend of pop sophistication and rock groove, a sonic splice of melody and muscle. In this case, the synth bass brilliantly adds that digital touch, funky and finessed, a smooth groove that blends nicely with the analogue guitar licks and the old-school drums. It’s a meeting of worlds, man! It’s time travel!

I’m not sure if The Pulltops have remained a two-piece because they can fill in the missing sounds with the help of technology or if they turn to technology because they have only two pairs of hands. Whatever the reason, The Pulltops is a brilliant example of the analogue and digital worlds dancing in harmony.