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The Big Takeover Issue #93
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The Whistling Heads - Well...I Mean (Disasters by Choice)

15 February 2024

It is well known in the annals of music that there is a mythical sweet spot where pop, indie, and rock all coalesce, collide and complement each other. It is a place that only a few bands find their way to. Some drown in the depths of rock cliche along the way. Many stumble and fall into the pop shallows, and others become transfixed and rooted to the spot with indie music’s self-image, never able to continue the quest. But one thing I am sure of is this. If you were ever fortunate, brave, or intelligent enough to find your way to this legendary place, you would find The Whistling Heads waiting for you there.

“Well…I Mean” is a cracking example of how you blend all of those sonic forces and it displays the key for those who care to look, that it is as much what leave out of the mix that makes things sounds so sweet, as what goes in. This new single, and its fun and frantic accompanying video, embraces pop’s infectiousness whilst not falling foul of the lowest common denominator status of most of the music in that realm. It struts with euphoric indie vibes but doesn’t display that off-putting, aloof, cooler-that-thou energy that clings to the genre. And while the song drives along at a great lick thanks to a velocity and volume more in keeping with rock music, it doesn’t engage with any of that bombast and bravado that weighs that sector down.

“Well…I Mean” is that rarest of things, a song that will tick so many boxes and appeal to discerning tatsemakers, movers and shakers no matter which musical tribe they belong to, as well as more mainstream pop-pickers and general chart aficionado too. Music for the masses? Abso-flippin-lutely!