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The Big Takeover Issue #94
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Tidal Water - Imperfection (Prorigg)

18 June 2024

It is quite in keeping with the nature of Tidal Water’s music that their latest single, “Imperfection,” celebrates disharmony, advocates not following the rules, oozes thoughts of rebellion, and is a tribute to individuality. For they are the epitome of the post-genre band, a band that doesn’t fit into neat demarcations, isn’t easily tagged or pigeon-holed, and revels in the creative joy of seeking inspiration in any sound or style, era, or genre they see fit.

“Imperfection” comes at you like a potted history of all the music that mattered and which, of course, still matters. Here, Tidal Water consummately blends everything from funk grooves to punk attitude, conscious soul anthems to old-school R&B, rap-infused deliveries and the wildness of free jazz.

In doing so, they draw lines across the musical map that link the likes of Curtis Mayfield to The Red Hot Chili Peppers, and perhaps Miles Davis to Jane’s Addiction. And as they wander these hidden sonic byways that allow them to travel to any musical point in time instantly, it is not nostalgia that they are dealing with here, rather, they turn those familiar sounds into something fresh and forward-thinking, more like an anagram of music past, music with a recognisable DNA yet rearranged to pass muster for a whole new and perhaps more discerning music scene.

Imperfection, it’s damned near perfect!