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The Big Takeover Issue #94
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Tom Tikka & The Missing Hubcaps - Wrecking Ball (One Media iP Ltd)

14 May 2024

There are two reasons why “Wrecking Ball,” the new one from Tom Tikka & The Missing Hubcaps, seems to blast through the listener’s consciousness loudly and clearly and brightly and, frankly, quite brilliantly. Firstly, rock in the modern age has become so entrenched in its idea and self-image of being severe, alternative, moody, misunderstood and earnest that we have forgotten how to have a good time listening it, especially when it is rock music that is precisely what it appears to be at face value. Secondly, “Wrecking Ball” actually is loud, clear, bright, and frankly, quite brilliant.

Put those two factors together and “Wrecking Ball” comes on like a welcome shot in the arm in a world where music is either limp and underwhelming or overly-earnest and full of blather and bombast.

Tom Tikka and the posse clearly remember better times—times when a rock song was just that—a song that rocked! There were no hidden depths, clever undercurrents, philosophical meanings, or detailed narratives about epic quests into Mordor. They remember when rock music was the soundtrack to a great night out, not an anthem for doomed youth. They remember when it was fun and full of life rather than angst-ridden and angry.

“Wrecking Ball” is a welcome step back into that golden age. With Nicklas Nyman playing the roll of the sonic ringmaster, his vocals firing us up and drawing us in, Lauri “Lappe” Holopainen and Tom himself intertwining rock guitars riffs and firing off pop aware salvos and drummer Janne Saksa driving the whole thing through the pop-rock landscape with glee and groove, it seems as if feel good rock and roll is back on the menu.

This is the sound of good times rolling!