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Tulipomania - You Had to Be There (Sursumcorda Records)

5 October 2023

Tulipomania, set to drop their new album Dreaming of Sleep next month, has unveiled a beguiling single as a sneak peek, a teaser for the curious ears out there. And let me tell you, it’s an intriguing auditory voyage. This time around, they’ve taken a deep dive into the digital realm, save for a lone guitar inclusion, immersing themselves in a world of synths and electronic percussion. The outcome? Every bit as nimble and nuanced, unconventional and captivating as anything you’d find in the analog domain. Apt for a duo who came together to make soundtracks and scores for film and animation.

The song, it seems, surges and recedes on electronic currents, oscillating between atmosphere and anticipation, navigating through shadowy undercurrents and delving into subterranean musical tributaries. Synthscapes driven by punky swagger, alternative electronica made into art and allusion.

Now, let’s talk about the song’s theme, one that couldn’t be more relevant. In this post-Trump, post-pandemic world, a time of alternative facts and entrenched political stances rooted in faith and loyalty rather than cold, hard facts and evidence, how will future generations cast their gaze upon these times? How will they interpret the events that unfolded? What conclusions shall they draw? Remember, history isn’t solely chronicled by the victors; in this age of the internet, it’s penned by those who control and have the power to manipulate records – in other words, the media. Yet, as the song eloquently posits, to truly grasp the essence of the times, you had to be there.

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