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Vince Grant - My Depression Is Always Trying To Kill Me EP (Self-Released)

14 July 2015

Vince Grant is a bold and expressive singer/songwriter from Los Angeles, and has recently put out his new EP My Depression Is Always Trying To Kill Me. With a style heavily influenced by Elliott Smith, Grant’s delivery is deeply intimate and personal, as if you’re listening to one man’s private confessions written down. As not-so-subtly hinted at in the EP’s title, the subject matter deals with Grant’s battle with mental illness. The references to his depression may be a little heavy handed, but regardless, it’s undoubtedly brave and admirable of him for how open and honest he is about his struggle.

From the first song, “Melancholia,” you may be lead to believe that this is largely an acoustic work, but thankfully Grant is quickly joined by a full supporting band. Rather than take away from the inwardness of his lyrics, the power of the band brings them out further in a style somewhat reminiscent of R.E.M.. The great thing is that Grant is able to saddle both heartbreaking ballads such as “Edge of the World,” and surprisingly danceable tracks like “How Many Times You” that break the formula of the EP. My Depression Is Always Trying To Kill Me is a beautifully emotional and well rounded work from a musician who wears everything proudly on his sleeve.