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Wabi Sabi - The Love Insane (Self-Released)

9 February 2024

The Love Insane is the fourth album from Atlanta-based jazz rock ensemble Wabi Sabi, and it aims to recreate their high-energy live shows in a more controlled studio environment. Led by Damian Carter (keys/vocals), the group combines bits and pieces of everything from soul to psychedelica to reggae to singer/songwriter, and therefore it’s no surprise they list influences as disparate as Prince and Billy Joel. Carter pieced the album together himself in the wake of COVID, and gradually had the members re-record their parts over, but magically the chemistry of their sound is all still there.

The album begins casually with the piano ballad “The Truth” which unfolds beautifully with some psychedelic Beatlesque flourishes and Beach Boys harmonies. It’s followed by the funky “I Am OK” and the 70s soul of “Manifest.” In fact, each consecutive track seems to take the band in a new and exciting direction. A real highlight here is the slow burning title track “The Love Insane” which manages to take the grit of a 60s era slice of soul à la Stax Records and graft country lap steel guitar onto it! The Love Insane is hands down one of the most electric and dynamic releases to come out of the COVID era creative boom, and also stands on its own as a new peak for the ensemble.