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The Big Takeover Issue #94
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wht.rbbt.obj - Romeo Bravo Bravo Tango (Clandestine Records)

10 July 2024

With the previous EP titled Whiskey Hotel Tango, it was only logical that the new one would take the name Romeo Bravo Bravo Tango. If you get the connection, I bet you can guess what the next one will most likely be called. And like the previous EP, wht.rbbt.obj are again, putting their own spin on rock music.

Across five songs, they take the idea of rock and infuse it with soul and psychedelia, sass and sensuality. But it is anything but alternative rock in the conventional sense, something which, by and large, is still full of the same old bluster and bravado and baggage. No, this is alt-rock in that it replaces those boring, ubiquitous cliches with real seductive swagger, with explorations both deeper into rock’s past and way beyond its usual boundaries, offers a glimpse of the future forged from the lessons of the past.

If the opener, “Your Love’s A Crime,” sounds like the sort of thing Amy Winehouse might be doing if she were still with us, the EPs swansong, “Dirty Love”, is a blast of garage rock ‘n’ soul straight out of a Detroit basement blues club as the ’68 riots ignite all around it.

“Heavy Petting” is both spacious and incendiary, with the perfect echo of Iron Butterfly’s iconic “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida” just felt in the background, “The Ballad of Kitty Collins” is punchy perfection, full of staccato, strut, stomp and swagger and “White Rabbit Black Sheep” is dark and delicious, restless and raunchy.

In a world where conformity rules, where rock and pop seem to be happy to merely follow industry templates, plunder the past and not step out of line, it is not only great to have bands like wht.rbbt.obj in the world, it is essential.