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Jeff Nielsen: February 24, 2013

Television Bad Religion (1980-1995)

Despite their frequent disdaining of the medium, L.A. punk band Bad Religion have regularly basked in television’s golden light over their thirty-two year career.

  1. “Bad Religion”, “Slaves” and “Drastic Actions” New Wave Theater, 1980

  2. “We’re Only Gonna Die” and “Part Three” New Wave Theater, 1982

  3. “Along the Way” Official Home Video, 1989

  4. “American Jesus” MTV 120 Minutes, 1993

  5. “Struck A Nerve” Conan O’ Brian, 1993

  6. “Infected” David Letterman, 1994

  7. “Incomplete” The Jon Stewart Show, 1995

  8. “21st Century Digital Boy” Conan O’Brien, 1994

  9. “Henchman” The Jon Stewart Show, 1995

  10. “Fuck Armageddon, This is Hell” The Jon Stewart Show, 1995