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Jen Dan: August 2, 2021

Jen Stratosphere Fanzine · Jen Dan - August 2, 2021 - TOP 10 SONGS - #53

Get accosted by an aggressive punk number, propelled by (post-)punk angst, and then swept away by a beautiful shoegaze tune, stirred with excitement by a run of dreamrock/shoegaze goodness, a bop of sleek electro-pop, a mellow rumination, and finally, a tremulous lament/cover of a classic ABBA track…

1. Tunic – “Quitter”
Winnipeg, Canada-based noise rockers have their 2nd album, Quitter, arriving via Artoffact Records on October 15th.

2. Tongues Of Fire – “Room”
North Carolinan post-punk group releases cathartic Burn My Body Clean EP on August 27th via Godless America.
MY NEWS on the single “Numb” by Tongues Of Fire.

3. Go With Strangers – “Further”
Swoon… What a gorgeous and transporting tune!
All I know about the artist is at his SoundCloud page: This is an “alternative-rock project by guitarist and music producer, Eugene San; previous credits include alternative-metal act Kojira, personal ambient-orchestral piano project Gene Shanzo, and electronic-pop group Mint Cherry.”

4. Toner – “OX ’45”
This is a casually DIY and angular/warped slice of guitar-based indie rock that harks back to the good ol’ years of the 1990s.
All I know about this band is at their SoundCloud page: “White Buffalo Roam, the third & upcoming LP by West End’s [I was assuming England,but the band’s from Oakland, California!] TONER. [The LP] will be out on September 3rd… via Smoking Room.”

5. Inhaler – “In My Sleep”
This is a passionate, melodic, and briskly loping slice of guitar-based symphonic indie rock that harks back to the good ol’ years of the 1990s.
All I know about the outfit is they’re from Dublin, Ireland, have gotten good press from what I’ve seen online, and their new album, It’s Won’t Always Be Like This, arrived on July 9th via Polydor.

And slap me with a halibut! I just did a little more digging about found out the lead singer, Elijah Hewson, is the son of Bono! Whoa…!

6. Lesser Care – “Palm”
West Texas-located post-punk band that builds intriguing and atmospheric soundscapes with morose and sonorous vocals (at least on this restless and Gothic track). “Palm”/“Acquired Taste” single out since April, but it’s new to me, so here it is!

7. Doom Bloom – “I Will”
San Diego, California-based alt-rock/shoegaze-tinged duo with hazily drawn-out to exclaimed vocals and ringing guitar chime and swirl. Again, harks back to ’90s densely textured indie rock (of The Cure sort).
The track comes off of album non sequitor (possibly a collection of odds ‘n’ ends tracks?).

8. Stereoskop – “The Mist”
Sleek and gleamingly noir Motorik electronic pop with pertly percolating electronics, washes of shining guitars, and Pet Shop Boys-like accented vocals from this Spanish veteran post-punk/New Wave outfit. The track is out via Reptile Music, also home of dreampunk outfit Seasurfer.

9. Plain Mister Smith (and Jordan Klassen) – “Strange Strangers”
Symphonic folk/pop outfit headed by Mark Jowett (Moev, Cinderpop), but also including singer-songwriter Jordan Klassen.
Self-titled EP out October 18th, and this number is a ruminative brooder that is both introspective and expansive in reach.

10. Portishead – “S.O.S.” (ABBA cover)
Yes, an ABBA cover as only Portishead can do it… Coolly slow-burning, subtly stark, and achingly distressed… Portishead have successfully made an upbeat ABBA song downbeat. LOL
It’s exclusively available at SoundCloud as part of its ‘fan-powered’ Royalty Model that will level the playing field for music creators at the site and fairly pay out artists by directly basing payment on the amount of fans who tune in to his/her output.
The song is actually from 2015 when it was released in connection with the film High Rise, but only officially available at SoundCloud now.
Check out the news at Variety


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