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Jen Dan: November 24, 2022

Jen Stratosphere Fanzine ยท Jen Dan - November 24, 2022 - TOP 10 SONGS - #59

All these rock and punk songs that I’ve picked have serious messages/themes – about life and death (the gist being: seize the day while you still can), the power of love, the fight for women’s rights, the wide reach (and corruption) of the internet/socials, etc.
So thrash out, be thankful for what you can be thankful for, make the most of your time, connect in a positive way, and treat yourself and others with respect and compassion, please. :)

1. Plasma Canvas – “Blistered World”
I found out about this band through Death To Slow Music PR, and this track is kick-ass! The Colorado rock/punk outfit will be releasing new album DUSK on February 17th via SideOneDummy.

2. Grade 2 – “Under the Streetlight”
I know nothing about this band except they’re young, they’re from the UK, and their new self-title album will be out February 17th via Hellcat.

3. The Raging Nathans – “Still Spitting Blood”
Okay, now I know this band who consistently and potently carry the flag for true punk rock music through the years. Based in Dayton, OH and on punk/rock label Rad Girlfriend, just unleashed their raw and rousing 5th LP, Still Spitting Blood.

4. The Sound of Animals Fighting – “Apeshit”
Again, I’ve not heard of this post-hardcore/prog-/math rock act before (Well, I have, but I haven’t checked them out ‘til now), even though they’re considered a supergroup. They’re actually back now after a 15-year break (!), with new Apeshit EP out December 16th on Born Losers. The group is made up of Anthony Green (Circa Survive, Saosin), members of Rx Bandits, and others.

5. Cleopatrick – “ZUCK
This Canadian and totally DIY duo clobbered my senses when they 1st appeared on the scene, and continue to do so on this dramatic track. Their DOOM EP is out now.

6. Quicksand – “Feliz”
The NYC rock/post-hardcore faves released latest album Distant Populations via Epitaph last year, and they’re now back with this passionate single.

7. White Lung – “If You’re Gone”
This well-respected band is releasing their 5th and final album, Premonition, on December 2nd via Domino. Check out this propulsive and heartfelt single.

8. Puppy Angst – “Perpetual”
The Philadelphia outfit’s name refers to the opposite of ‘puppy love,’ and this song showcases their restless and questioning side. I found out about ‘em via Force Field PR. This dashing track alternates between and melds the dreamy and abrasive. Their new album Scorpio Season came out last month.

9. Friendship Commanders – “And If My Body”
The heavy alt-rock duo from Nashville, TN are always on-point with their lyrics; this time taking a stand against ingrained patriarchy and misogyny that has put Roe Vs. Wade and women’s rights in jeopardy in the US.

10. Inhaler – “Love Will Get You There”
The Irish quartet led by charismatic Elijah Hewson (Yes, Bono’s son) released a classic indie rock album, It Won’t Always Be Like This in 2021 and now return with some singles, including this earnest and tuneful number. Their second LP, Cuts & Bruises, will be available February 16th via Polydor.