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Jen Dan: April 8, 2018

After the possible shock of my previous top pop songs list, I’m resetting the dial back to a rock-oriented (alt-rock and dream-rock/shoegaze, mainly) rundown that spotlights my latest favorite tunes.

1. Parkway Drive – “Void”
These Aussies know how to crush it on the hardcore rock/metal front (monstrous yet melodic) and is another jewel in the crown of Epitaph Records.

…and the video for “Wishing Wells” by Parkway Dive, if you want a little more ballast to your brutal metalcore:

2. Skating Polly – “Camelot”
Step-sisters Peyton Bighorse and Kelli Mayo, along with newer recruit, brother Curtis Mayo, blaze through a Nirvana-like alt-‘90s barn burner (yes, that reference is intentional, in keeping with the theme of the song), with Kelli ripping through the pointed lyrics with vigorously caustic relish.

…and the video for poppier “Queen For A Day” by Skating Polly featuring Exene Cervenka of X:

3. The Lovely Eggs – “I Shouldn’t Have Said That”
British cult darlings and marrieds Holly Ross and David Blackwell return with a smashing LP titled This Is Eggland (Get it?) and this gritty rocker with Holly’s in-yer-face vox exemplifies that the duo’s seriously cheeky style is no yoke…, I mean, joke.

4. Polish Club – “Beeping” – Australia represent! This exciting garage rock ‘n’ soul duo has made waves over the past couple of years in their native country, and now they are hitting US shores with electrifying shows and a soon-to-be-released LP. Check out this enthusiastic, and fast, rock ‘n’ roll rave-up.

5. Nightmare Air – “Strange Things”
LA-based Nightmare Air infuses its highly polished, melodic alt-rock with a dream-like ambience and alluringly sweet female vox for a delightfully tuneful sonic treat.

…and listen to/view the swooning beauty of “Who’s Your Lover” from Nightmare Air:

6. Rich Girls – “Blood Brothers” – I know nothing about this band, except that I like this new tune… And of course I had to look ‘em up now – So, they’re a NYC band that crosses garage rock with pop noir, apparently, and their new LP, Black City, just came out.

…and from BreakThruRadioTV, a live session with Rich Girls from 2016:

7. Loveblind – “Sleeping Visions”
This is a relatively newer shoegaze/dream-pop trio with a mighty fine pedigree: Dorian Electrique (aka Dorian E. lately of Seasurfer), Joshua Garman, and Wyatt Parkins, head of Saint Marie Records, purveyor of all that is brilliant in the shoegaze/dream-pop/dream-rock world. So, you know, they know what they’re doing! :)

8. Sleepspent – “Something”
Just found out about this El Paso, Texas-based dream-pop band. A hypnotically bittersweet number here, with debut EP It’s Better If You Don’t Speak Or Think out May 4th via Slow Start Records.

…and here’s a Sleepspent 2-song live session from Deadlines: A City Magazine:

9. Dead Heart Bloom – “Lost In A Dream”
…and the reveries continue with this absorbing and transporting track that will make you lose time as you drift along the the hazy vocals and wandering, psych-rock-tinged guitars (Think The Church for a sonic reference point) that explode at the end like spacey fireworks.

…and video for “We Made It” by Dead Heart Bloom from 2014:

10. Beach House – “Dive” – The most known band of this bunch, but (relative) fame doesn’t alter the fact that this is a mesmerizing number that, midway through, transitions from measured reflection to cantering alt-rock uplift.

…and the video for “Dark Spring” by Beach House, because it’s more visually interesting than the vid for the other song!:


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