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The Big Takeover Issue #93
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Jen Dan: February 23, 2018

It’s all one big, dark, restless indie/alt-rock/post-punk/darkwave swirl this time around… with a sliver of hope at the end. A mirror of our socio-eco-political turmoil and collective mindset? Perhaps…

1. Bad Pony – “Knife” – Punchy, gritty, renegade indie rock/dance rock w/ a deep groove and exclaimed male vocals by the Aussie rock band

2. New Language – “Show Me” – Intense, rampaging altr-ock/electro-rock with vividly exclaimed male vox by the LA-based rock band

3. Kat Meoz – “Here I Wait” – Dynamic, pressing indie rock w/ loose, exclaimed female vox

4. Bambara – “Jose Tries To Leave” – Atmospheric, winding, pressing post-punk noir w/ restless rhythm and sung-spoken/exclaimed male vox by the NYC/Georgia band

5. VOWWS – “Structure of Love” – Noir, occasionally stormy, post-punk/synth-rock with dual dispassionate male and female vox by Australian self-described deathpop duo

6. SecondStill – “Opening” – Roiling post-punk/coldwave w/ dark bass, skittering percussion, strict beat, and Siouxsie Sioux -like vox

7. Valkyries – “Serf” – Smoothly flowing, shadowy undercurrent indie rock with slightly hushed to exclaimed male vocals by the Aussie rock band

8. Holy Motors – “Signs” – Hypnotic, reverb-laden, nocturnal psych-pop w/ narcotic female vox by the Estonian shoegaze/Americana amalgam band

9. Deerest – “Waves Could Not Be Seen” – Spare, Gothic, menacing rock noir with breathily drawn out female vox from Linné Atalp

10. Mimicking Birds – “Belongings” – Expansive post-rock/electronic rock with lightly yearning male vox