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Jen Dan: June 18, 2018

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A time for rousing rock and a time for reflective rumination… occasionally within the same song…

1. The Menzingers – “Toy Soldier” – The Philadelphia-based punk/rock band gets melodic and dynamic and passionate, as always, on this unexpected release.

2. Chastity – “Children” – The Canadian rock band rips through thick clouds of fuzzy, heavy dream-rock and hazy male vocals on this lead single from debut album Death Lust, out July 13th via Captured Tracks.

3. Olov – “Short Morgan” – Connecticut-based rock band Olov rumble and careen down the tracks on this propulsive number, sounding like a cross between Dinosaur Jr. (with J. Mascis-like male slacker vocals and wandering guitar line on verses) and, well, a sonic rocket!

4. Lost Worlds – “What You Say” – This young Australian garage rock/punk band kicks up a fuzzed ‘n’ buzzed storm-blast on this anthemic track with tuneful, shouted out chorus sections..

5. Petite League – “Raspberry Vines” – Sweet, sweet, ear-pleasing (early ’90s-era-influenced) indie rock from the New Yawk band that ends way too soon. It wins the heart with its wistfully reminiscing, storytelling lyrics, tenderly bright male vocals, buoyant bass guitar line, and golden guitar and cymbals wash.

6. Basement Revolver – “Baby” – The Canadian indie rock band radiates a melancholic glory on this track with sweetly forlorn female vocals and a textured, uplifting crush of guitars and cymbals scintillation.

7. Frankiie – “Dream Reader” – The Canadian dream-rock band release a reverie full of beauty and longing. A romping drum beat may keep a strict pace, but wavering synth notes and guitar notes and winding, ripely emotive, airy female vocals fly out into the atmosphere in yearning waves.

8. Them Are Us Too – “Grey Water” – Recorded after the tragic death of band member Cash Askew in the Ghost Ship fire in Oakland, CA in December 2016, this number is a deeply personal and poignant, ethereal lament from surviving member Kennedy Ashlyn. You will be moved… The posthumous album Amends will come out June 29th via Dais Records.

9. Exitmusic – “Trumpets Fade” – The New York duo drops a slowly burgeoning, dreamy, rumination from recent album The Recognitions out via Felte Records.

10. Slow Meadow – “Those Who Rush Across The Sea” – Houston, TX multi-instrumentalist Matt Kidd slowly unfurls a thoughtful and delicate instrumental filled with spare, echoed drums, contemplative, light piano notes, and bittersweet cello pulls. Cinematic and introspective.


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